5th-graders load school bus with donated food for community


MORRISTOWN, Ind. (WISH) — A small team of students at Morristown Elementary just pulled off something big when it came to their mission to help people in the Shelby County community.

“When there’s people that don’t have much food and don’t have much money we have this food drive,” said Morristown Elementary fifth-grader Eli Graves.

Graves is the school’s Student Council President.

Every year students at the school collect food to give back to people in the community that need it most and Student Council Vice President, Dean Tyner says every year it’s usually the same drill​.

“Normally when we do the food drive in the past years we’ve just put them in boxes and kept them in the office,” Tyner said.

In 2019, they wanted to do something bigger and different. They wanted to see if they could fill an entire school bus with food.​

At first it seemed like a big task for a small school.

“We just did a big bus just to see how far it got us and I was thinking we’re not going to fill a whole big bus,” Student Council Represenative Brooklyn Carlton said.

“I was thinking a whole bus that’s probably not going to work,” Tyner added.

Katrina Falk, who is the director of transportation at Shelby Eastern Schools, says she didn’t hesitate to give the kids their support.

“When they set their minds to it they really have the follow through,” Falk said.

The food drive started off slow, but then ​they got some momentum.​

“We were collecting more than bigger schools it was just like amazing,” Carlton said.

When the food drive was over, the kids had collected 3,300 canned food items.

“[I was] surprised and also happy, that means more people can have more food to eat,” Carlton said.

Once every seat on the bus was full of food, Falk delivered it to Shelby County Human Services in Shelbyville.

“When I went in and I said we had a donation, I think they were expecting a box full of goods,” Falk said. “I said ‘oh no we got more than that.'”

Falk said she could tell people there were shocked, but also very appreciative of the donation from the students. Now the kids are motivated to take the drive even further next year.​

“[We want] to try to really overflow the bus to where we have to put some in the isle where you can’t even walk in the bus,” Carlton said.

With that kind of attitude, who knows how much food is going to be on the bus they send in 2020.

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