AES Indiana: Plans in place for additional power demand during heat wave

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With an Excessive Heat Warning in place for almost all of the state, Hoosiers will be cranking their air conditioners — and that can lead to additional demand on the power grid.

Kelly Young, a spokesperson for AES Indiana, says the utility will take certain steps if the strain on the power grid starts to become too much.

“We know our customers are concerned about potential blackouts and power outages, but we have plans in place,” Young said. “We have a team that can work to reduce and shift energy usage during peak periods. We’re issuing tips and alerts as often as we can to keep our customers informed.”

Young says AES also has plans in case of a blackout.

“There is obviously a high risk right now. We work with our grid partner and grid operator MISO and they have never taken that step in Indiana,” Young said. “They have informed us of that in the past [in other areas] and so we’re just watching it. We’re aware and we have plans in place to make sure that our customers are safe and have power.”

When asked by News 8 if the utility was anticipating any rolling blackouts, Young said, “None that we’re planning.”

High temps combined with rising inflation mean many Hoosiers could see higher electric bills. Young says there are ways to keep home electricity costs from skyrocketing during the heat wave.

“We encourage people to do some things that they can do free at home — close blinds to keep the summer heat rays out and check for leaks in windows and doors to make sure that they’re keeping the cool air in and the hot air out,” Young said.

Other tips include:

  • Turn off the lights and use energy-efficient light bulbs that give off less heat
  • Adjust your thermostat as high as comfortably possible
  • Run ceiling fans counterclockwise to push cool air down into living spaces
  • Wait until the evening to use heat-producing appliances, like the oven or dryer

Visit the AES Indiana website for information on budget billing, payment extensions, and payment assistance.