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‘An unusual visitor’: Large python found outside Westfield home

Police find python in Westfield

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There are several snakes native to Indiana, but the large Burmese python found outside a home in Westfield on Tuesday is not one of them.

“Ssssspotted: A Slithery Surprise on Barley Circle!” the Westfield Police Department wrote on Facebook around 5:30 p.m. “Attention Westfield residents! We’ve had an unusual visitor in the 1100 block of Barley Circle — a python! 🐍

The 1100 block of Barley Circle is in a neighborhood off West 146th Street, just west of the Clay Terrace shopping center and U.S. 31.

“If you’re missing your slippery friend, he was picked up by Exotic Animal Rescue and Pet Sanctuary. If thissssss guy belongs to you, please call them at 317-809-2153,” Westfield PD added.

The first comment on the Facebook post was from IMPD North District, which wrote: “Now y’all keep that above 96th Street!”

Westfield PD responded, “Yeeeahhhh…… so about that…..”

No word yet on if IMPD North District or Westfield PD plan to adopt the python as an official mascot.