Anderson candy store owner not sorry for controversial job post

UPDATE: Randy Good says he is putting his business up for sale.

ANDERSON, Ind. (WISH) — A central Indiana candy store owner says he’s not sorry for what he said on social media.

Randy Good was criticized for a controversial job posting on Facebook in which he called female employees “splitters” and “pukers.” He claims they try to split each other up and dump their problems on others, a behavior he said they learned from their mothers.

Days later, Good isn’t sugarcoating anything. The 62-year-old owner of Good’s Candy Shop said he has no energy for regrets. He said, in the post, he was simply sharing a story, something he does often.

“Maybe I posted it without enough thought. Maybe I didn’t select the right words. For heaven’s sake, I barely made it out of high school. It’s not like I’m a word genius,” Good said.

His words struck a nerve with thousands of people from all over the world; some even created petitions calling on him to shut down the shop.

“It was my personal experiences with some of my employees, and I listed a bunch of other behaviors I have witnessed as well. Never inferred that it was more or less. I did say they were some, and those are the facts and that’s how I presented my experience,” Good said.

Despite what some might think, Good said, the controversy hasn’t been bad for business. “Yes, it has affected my business greatly: I’ve never been busier,” Good said.

Although he didn’t ask for the social media buzz, Good said, he accepts it, and that monitoring what he posts is not something he plans to do moving forward.

“It’s beyond ridiculous. I just don’t have this kind of power, but people keep giving it to me that I’m affecting the lives of people all around the world and if I could affect the lives of everyone all around the world, I would turn them all into customers,” Good said.

At last check, the Facebook page for Good’s Candy Shop was no longer visible to News 8. Good said he changed privacy settings so only people from other countries could view and interact with the page. He did not say when his Facebook page would be back to normal.


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