Animal shelter in Hendricks County needs volunteers, support for work on new facility

AVON (WISH) — A Hendricks County animal shelter is asking for support as volunteers begin work on a larger, permanent home for the operation.

Since 2011, Misty Eyes Animal Shelter has been providing adoption services, volunteer programs and education on responsible pet ownership and kindness. The organization was founded by Cherie Fox and Renee Harlor.

“We’ve done a lot to get here and it’s truly the volunteers going out and fundraising, working at booths, and the community donating and getting behind us,” Misty Eyes Animal Shelter co-founder and executive director Renee Harlor said.

Now, volunteers are working to renovate a previously foreclosed house just south of U.S. Highway 36 on Dan Jones Road and building new structures on the property.

Harlor said the organization purchased the property in 2015. The total project will take three to five years and be done in five phases.

“So we’ll build the first building that we’re in right now and we have a four-building plan, so we’re looking at 16-thousand to 20-thousand square feet when all is said and done and we just so badly want to be a part of the community and a part of Hendricks County and continue to make it a great place to live,” Harlor said.

Harlor said all of their adoptable pets are currently living with foster families while they work on this permanent location. The organization has leased space in Brownsburg for the last four years, but does not house animals there.

“We’ve saved over 1,000 animals, but we’ve turned away almost double that due to space limitations. And that’s the biggest thing that people ask us and wonder why we’re pushing so hard to get the permanent facility built, so we don’t have turn away the numbers that we’re turning away. It will save hundreds more, every single year that we’re in here for years to come,” Harlor said.

As construction continues, Misty Eyes Animal Shelter leaders hope to find a civil engineer and and insulation and dry wall expert to provide volunteer services.

If you aren’t one of those but still want to help, the 5th annual Rock & Roll “Raise the Woof” event is set for Friday, November 4, 2016. It’s a benefit just for Misty Eyes Animal Shelter. Tickets are available only until this Saturday, October 29, 2016.