Another case reported of animal found severed in half on south side


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Another case of an animal cut in half has been reported, according to  Animal Care Services. Animal Care initially said it was the result of a coyote attack, but is now uncertain. Neighbors believe it was the act of somebody instead of something.

Neighbors took the gruesome photos and shared them online. They were too sickening to show unedited, so WISH-TV blurred them. It shows a domestic cat, its head and front feet are detached from the rest of its body.

DNR also looked at the pictures. Corporal Angela Goldman says it doesn’t appear to be consistent with an animal attack.

“Typically if a wild animal is going to kill another animal, number one, they’re going to eat it. They’re going to take it off. They’re either going to consume it or they’re going to take it to their young,”she said.

“The grass around the carcass shows no signs of an attack, “If a scavenger such as a raccoon or possum would’ve done this, I think you would’ve seen a little bit more gruesome of a site. They’re would’ve been a little bit more parts and pieces left there,” said Corporal Goldman.

Still, Goldman stopped short of saying this was done at the hands of a human, “Truthfully, it doesn’t look like a coyote. But there’s not enough evidence to say that it’s anything else.”

Lisa Hawk lives down the street from where the cat was discovered. She doubts that this was an attack by a wild animal.

“It’s a concern because we have coyotes, very few out here. And when they do come, they eat the rabbits or the geese, but there’s blood showing,” she said.

Hawk, who is a cat owner herself, isn’t taking any chances when it comes to her pet’s safety.

“I’m going to keep her in the house because I’m concerned,” she said.

Corporal Goldman did encourage neighbors to report anything suspicious. She advises pet owners to watch their pets when outside.

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