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As temperatures drop, Wheeler Mission braces for more people

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — In November, Wheeler Mission saw between 650 and 700 people needing shelter, that number is up to 800 as the calendar turns to December, and temperatures drop.

“We all see it right, cost of eggs, cost of everything, cost of a meal, anywhere you go, that affects not only Wheeler Mission but it affects our guests,” said Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Wheeler, Brian Crispin.

Wheeler provides long term shelter for those suffering from addiction, job loss or other issues. It helps residents get back on their feet and find long term housing and employment.

“I got a job at Target, and things seemed to be going fine for a little while, then the pandemic hit, with all the strain going on, and the situation sort of fell apart,” said Alex King, who was homeless before arriving at Wheeler in June.

Wheeler’s doors are open to anyone who can’t find a home, regardless of their financial situation. They will be offered a hot meal and shower.

“Once the weather stabilizes we could get up to 900, even a thousand people a night, but we’re ready for that, it does put a strain on our resources, our facilities,” Crispin said.

Should the shelter reach capacity, mats are also available. Wheeler is in need of monetary and clothing donations along with toiletries.