At Plainfield Kroger, cake paid for in memory of late son’s birthday

A woman paid for a birthday cake in memory of her son's birthday. (Photo Provided by Facebook/Carolyn P. Mick)

PLAINFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A woman went to the Plainfield Kroger to pick up the cake she ordered for her son’s birthday.

When she arrived, she was told the cake had already been paid for by an anonymous woman who left a note that read: “Today is my son’s 35th birthday. It is his fifth in heaven. I wanted to honor and remember him by paying it forward.” She then wrote, “May you make tons of precious memories to remember for a lifetime. God bless you and yours – Tyler’s Mom.”

Carolyn, who picked up the cake, posted the note in the Facebook group, Town of Plainfield Chatter, thanking Tyler’s mom for paying it forward. On the post she wrote, “Dear Toni.. you know who you are and I want to express how moved I am. This means so much that my husband and I cried together. With the turmoil of things going on it reminds us of what really matters LIFE!”

Here is the post of the note in the Facebook group.

This heartwarming post received an overwhelming reaction from residents in the Facebook group. Tyler’s mom even replied to the post as members of the group acknowledged her for her act of kindness in memory of her son’s birthday.