Beech Grove shop sees run on guns, selling 40% of inventory over weekend

Gun, ammunition sales spike following declaration of national emergency

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It is hard to find many paper products at grocery stores, soap and other cleaning supplies are in limited supply, and the same happening with gun retailers across central Indiana.

Beech Grove Firearms was closed on Monday to get caught up from the weekend.

From cameras inside the store Saturday, the place was packed from open to close. This store broke a three-day sales record.

“When the president declared a national emergency that is when it started for us: a huge influx of folks coming in here to guns, ammo and accessories,” said Greg Burge owner of Beech Grove Firearms.

Over the last 72 hours, the store sold almost 40 percent of its available inventory. For safety reasons the owner is keeping the total number or firearms sold private.

“It has been predominantly ammunition, handguns and home defense-based shotguns. On Friday, we saw an uptick in AR-15 sales,” Burge said.

Every election year ushers in a new round of firearms buyers. During tax season, another round of buyers spend their income-tax refund checks with gun retailers. Add the national emergency declared by President Donald Trump on Friday and a perfect storm reached central Indiana gun retailers.

“Any one product that has shocked me is how much gun cleaning supplies we went through. That tells me that folks are kind of planning for this emergency or this crisis this country has found itself in. I think they are thinking long-term,” Burge said.

Unlike the last surge in firearm sales, speculators and investors looking to make a fast buck seem to be sitting on the sidelines. So far, any personnel restrictions in place on state and federal agencies doing background checks required to buy a firearm have not been affected.