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Ben Davis closes cafeteria due to mouse droppings

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Ben Davis High School was forced to close its cafeteria on Monday after inspectors from the Marion County Public Health Department found mouse droppings and a door gap that led outside.

The school will resume regular meal service at lunchtime Tuesday, according to Jeannine Templeman, spokesperson for the Wayne Township Schools.

According to a report provided to News 8, health inspectors found droppings in various areas in and around the kitchen, including an equipment storage room, a laundry room, and a walk-in cooler.

The report cites “mice droppings on equipment and boxes in equipment storage room” and “mice droppings on speed rack in walk-in cooler.”

No live mice were seen by investigators.

Templeman says custodial workers and child nutrition staff, with the help of the county health department, worked overnight to address the issue.

“In an immediate response, school personnel thoroughly cleaned and sanitized the area. The door gap will be fixed Tuesday,” Templeman said.

A health inspector returned to Ben Davis on Tuesday and approved them to resume services.

“No additional droppings were seen, and all areas were cleaned and sanitized,” Curt Brantingham, media/public information coordinator for the Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County, said in a statement to News 8.

The health department will return to school later this week for another recheck.