Best of Dick Wolfsie: Catching ‘Bird Fever’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Each and every week Dick Wolfsie shares an interesting and unique story that has a special connection to central Indiana.

This week, we continue our “Best of Dick Wolfsie” series with a story Dick did back in 2017 at Bird Fever in Castleton.

Bird Fever is the go-to spot where Hoosiers can not only view exotic birds, but also bring them home.

“The bird shouldn’t be an impulse buy,” said Mark Roth with Bird Fever. “A lot of research about the bird, there’s no perfect bird, they all have different personalities, so you want to find the bird that fits your situation, your lifestyle.”

Wolfsie also got a first-hand look on some of the feathery friends and learned more about how Bird Fever uses science to learn more about the birds.

“We can DNA sex the bird,” said Roth. “Most parents are not sexually dimorphic, there are some that you can tell boys from girls.”

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