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Best of Dick Wolfsie: Catching up with the HH Gregg twins

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Each and every week Dick Wolfsie shares an interesting and exciting story that has a special connection to central Indiana.

This week, we continue our “Best of Dick Wolfsie” series with a story from 2017 when Wolfsie spoke with the HH Gregg twins Gavin and Taylor Curd.

The two were featured in commercials for HH Gregg in the late 90s and recalled how they got their start.

“Originally, actually my father used to sell homes and one of the clients he had,” said Gavin Curd. “He had a picture of us on his desk and she happened to work Foran Ad Agency and said ‘Hey, do you mind if we send their picture in?’”

Wolfsie also got the chance to speak with Ken Beckly, an associate for many years with HH Gregg.

“They are not identical twins but they looked it at that time,” said Beckley. “What was nice about it was if one of them was having a particularly difficult time remembering his lines as we were shooting a commercial, the other one could hop in his place and do the line and actually would end up doing both parts and the public never knew it.”

The brothers are in real estate and investment business in Greenwood. Ken Beckley lives in Bloomington with his wife.

Check out the videos to learn more.