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Best of Dick Wolfsie: Happy Goat Lucky Yoga

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. (WISH) – Each and every week, Dick Wolfsie shares a story that has a unique connection to central Indiana.

This week, we continue our “Best of Dick Wolfsie” series with a story Dick did back in 2018.

Dick was in Noblesville to check out Happy Goat Lucky Yoga.

He found out what exactly is Happy Goat Lucky Yoga and talked to some of the participants.

“We do yoga with goats,” said Jordan Steven with Happy Goat Lucky Yoga. “People take a beginner-friendly yoga class, and the goats come and mingle around and basically bring happiness to people who also enjoy yoga.”

This business was started following a much bigger nationwide craze of people going yoga with goats.

“There was a lady that started it in Oregon, and she had pretty good success with it,” said Steven. “After that they just started popping up around the country.”

Happy Goat Lucky Yoga is currently closed because of the pandemic, but they are offering classes online to help pay for the goats.

Click the videos to learn more.