Blackout Day 2020 encourages economic protest, support of Black-owned businesses

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Tuesday is #BlackoutDay2020, a call to action and protest by pocketbook. Organizers want Black Americans to keep their wallets and pocketbooks closed for the day as a way for Black Americans to show their economic might. They are urged to not spend any money on Tuesday, or if they must spend money, to only going to black-owned businesses.

The campaign #BlackoutDay2020 said it hopes to force politicians and the business world to end institutionally racist policies, that have led to the deaths and the marginalization of Black Americans.

Last month, WISH-TV showed how people in Indiana could get connected and support black-owned businesses in Indianapolis, using the website “Indy Black Owned.” On Tuesday, people are still encouraged to support these businesses, if they want to spend any money.

Blackout Day 2020 is considered another way to peacefully protest against systemic racism. According to Nielsen, Black Americans spent more than $1 trillion on consumer goods in 2018. This call to action is based on the year-long Montgomery Bus Boycott from 1955.

This call to action once again hopes to show that the U.S. economy needs Black Americans and minorities. It also hopes to show that the actions politicians and companies have taken in the wake of George Floyd’s death haven’t gone far enough.

Major companies like Proctor and Gamble and Cisco Systems have expressed support for the initiative.

People joining in the call to action are encouraged to use the #BlackoutDay2020.