Businesses hold job fairs amid staff shortages

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Staff shortages during the pandemic have left employers searching for workers. Two of those employers held job fairs today.

The Indianapolis International Airport wants to help Hoosiers take off in a new career.

“We are looking for police officers — some that may have experience, some that may not have experience,” said Indianapolis Airport Police Department Community Liaison Officer, Thaddeus Thomas.

The Indianapolis Airport Police Department is just one of several organizations trying to fill openings. Businesses in hospitality and information technology also have the “Help Wanted” sign out.

“With so many people that are unemployed and are looking for opportunities to have a position or have a job within the Indianapolis area, it is very important because a lot of these organizations are hiring and looking for qualified people,” Thomas said.

“Have resumes, have your resume updated, be specific of what it is you’re looking for, and most importantly ask questions,” Thomas added.

According to a survey by JobList, hospitality jobs are currently unpopular. The survey says those workers are transitioning out of the industry in search of a job with higher pay and better benefits.

A company that does offer benefits, USPS, is also seeking to hire workers.

USPS is preparing for higher delivery demands in the holiday peak season, so they’ll be hosting several job fairs to make sure business runs smoothly.

On Tuesday, the company held a job fair at the Clermont Post Office on Tansel Road.

Tomorrow, they’ll be hosting another job fair at the Rainbow Post Office on West 16th Street from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. The postal service will hire for a number of positions with pay starting above $18 an hour.


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