Businesses prep for heat wave

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Heat indices are expected to be in the triple digits in the coming days.

Our first real taste of summer has local businesses prepping for what could be a dangerous heat wave.

Jerry Bullock, general manager with Chapman Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing, says this is the type of weekend that could break records when it comes to the number of people they have to help.

Bullock added that his team is prepared for some of the busiest days he’s seen in years.

“We sent out an all page today, where all hands are on deck for the weekend,” said Bullock.

With temperatures set to reach the mid 90’s and a heat index of up to 110 degrees, Bullock says this weekend could match the summer of 2012, where his team fielded 220 air conditioning related calls in one day.

“We’ve moved some of our maintenance calls off of our schedule so that we’re prepared to take care of people that don’t have cooling, that have a demand, crisis situations,” said Bullock.

News 8 Meteorologist Marcus Bailey says from Wednesday through the weekend will be the hottest and muggiest days Indy has seen all year.

“Whats a little bit more unusual is the stretch of days, that we are likely going to have this three or four days in a row, that typically doesn’t happen,” said Bailey.

Bailey noted that the high humidity coupled with high heat make for a potentially dangerous combination.

“Take lots of breaks, take it seriously, and listen to your body,” Bailey said.

Bullock said a good way to take care of yourself is to keep an eye on your air conditioner.

He says to make sure you change your air filter before the heat wave hits, and don’t be surprised if your AC isn’t getting as cool as you think it should.

“If your air conditioner is cooling as it’s 98-99 degrees, say you only get to 75 in your house, you’re still doing great,” said Bullock.

Bullock also provided a few other tips for keeping your AC running smoothly:

  • Keep the AC turned to ‘on’
  • Draw your shades during the heat of the day
  • Avoid using the oven if at all possible
  • Shut off a register in a room that’s not being used
  • Run your ceiling fan, which helps circulate air