Butler Blue IV is must-see stop for NCAA Tournament fans

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Standing at 2-feet-tall and on all fours, the star of March Madness will never step foot on a basketball court. Butler Blue IV’s handler Evan Krauss said it has been one of the busiest years yet for the mascot.

“This is quite the unique opportunity with Butler hosting a strong majority of the NCAA March Madness games,” said Krauss.

The dog is in hundreds of pictures every single day. Fans from all teams, wearing different colors, have found a friend in Blue.

“It’s very rare that someone walks past Blue and doesn’t want to say hi,” said Krauss.

The job comes with a lot of leg work, especially since Blue declared himself the official “Mayor of March.”

“Which means he’s lending his paw to help bring awareness to Indianapolis and the tournament by being the lead volunteer, welcoming all the guests coming in for the games as well as reporting what he’s seeing to all of his Instagram and Twitter followers,” explained Krauss.

He said Blue’s favorite social media post so far was his photo with Sister Jean from Loyola.

“The biggest one is definitely Sister Jean. He got to meet Sister Jean before their first game here at Hinkle, and it was a pretty special moment for him, that’s for sure,” said Krauss.

NCAA rules don’t allow living mascots at games, but that makes it even easier to find Blue for a picture. He is usually sitting in his chair outside of the host venues.

He travels between each one around the city every day. The best way to keep up with Butler Blue is on his Twitter page.