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Carmel begins new path project along 96th Street to increase connectivity, safe recreation

The American flag flutters in the wind on July 4, 2023, in Carmel, Ind. (WISH Photo)

CARMEL, Ind. (The REPORTER) — In an ongoing effort by the Carmel city government to add more miles of safe, wide pathways for better connectivity and safe recreational opportunities, construction on several projects will begin soon.

On or after Monday, contractors will begin removing some of the trees in the city’s right of way on the north side of West 96th Street between Spring Mill Road and Ditch Road. This project will make way for paths and a pedestrian bridge along 96th Street. Construction on the path will begin in the summer.

Tree clearing will also begin along East 96th Street and north along the east side of Haverstick Road up to East 99th Street for a separate path project. These trees are also in the city’s right of way. Construction on the path will begin in the summer.

Additional path projects along various roads and streets will continue throughout the winter to fill miscellaneous gaps in the more than 200 miles of existing paths.