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Carmel mother supporting, worrying about her 3 daughters working on front lines during pandemic

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — A Carmel mom shares both fear and pride as her three daughters serve as frontline workers in the pandemic. 

Jenny Thinnes is a strong, supportive mother and would do anything for her girls. While she is worried about their health, she’s proud their hearts are ready to help those who need it.

As soon as the outbreak of COVID-19 started, Thinnes put her emotions aside and began figuring out what she could do. She’s made face masks, prepared food for the ER where one of her daughters works and even spent hours in the cold outside one of her daughter’s home while she struggles with overcoming the coronavirus.

Two of her three daughters live in Nashville, Tennessee. One of them has signed up to be a travel nurse. She has entered a “draft” to go to New York City for three weeks. Food and accommodations are free. The compensation is $30,000 as long as you work 20 of the 21 days.

Thinnes says there’s nothing greater than a mother’s love for her children, which is why she’s choosing to support her daughter but fear hasn’t left her mind.

“New York is scary place for me,” Thinnes said. “It is walking into a petri dish. So, I don’t know if she understands what it is going to be like having a traumatic day and then going home to a hotel by herself. What happens if she gets sick? I don’t know if you’ve ever been sick and in a hotel by yourself but it stinks. What happens if she’s really sick? What happens if she’s like my friend’s daughter who last week passed away from COVID? And she’s suddenly submersed in a hospital system that is overwhelmed?”

Thinnes is also studying up on the virus by reading various articles and listening to press conferences. She believes in following your heart, but she’s not so sure young adults now-a-days understand what they’re walking in to.

Now its a waiting game to see if her daughter will head to the Big Apple.