Carmel says GOAT tavern must follow rule to close by 2 p.m. daily

CARMEL, Ind. (WISH) — City officials said Tuesday that they will begin enforcing regulations already in place against a tavern that’s drawn attention from neighbors for improper operations.

The GOAT, which stands for the Greatest of All Taverns, opened in mid-August at 220 Second St. S.W. That’s the former Bub’s Cafe, which closed in October 2019 after 12 years of operations.

A news release from Carmel government said the regulations will include a closing time of 2 p.m. in the afternoon.

“The previous owners of the property ran a breakfast and lunch café for which the variance was issued in 2007,” the release said. “This variance runs with the land allowing subsequent owners the same variance. However, city staff missed the fact that the variance included hours of operation that ended each day at 2 p.m. and the GOAT was inadvertently allowed to operate with a closing time of 3 a.m. Under the current variance and the state issued alcohol permit, the GOAT will be allowed to serve alcohol under their permit for breakfast and lunch, but must close at 2 p.m.”

The city said its representatives have met repeatedly with the GOAT owners, but “problems have persisted.”

The release said, “Until now, it was hoped that operations at the GOAT could continue while the request for a change in zoning went through the proper process but based on the continued and numerous complaints and the number of police calls, that is no longer possible.”

The city said the GOAT will have to either get an additional variance or a zoning change approved if it wants to stay open later than 2 p.m.