Catch The Stars Scholar Athlete: Kalyn Ervin

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It’s been a unique year for those who love and play sports, particularly for high school seniors. WNBA legend Tamika Catchings is honoring some of those players with her annual scholarship celebration.

When you talk about aiming high, Kalyn Ervin has a little experience with that. She’s part of the Lawrence North girls basketball team.

“We actually got to finish our season we actually finished winning the state title,” Ervin said.

She and her teammates are some of the lucky ones who got to finish out their senior year on the floor. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the boys team just barely missed its chance.

“Our boys they were really good this year and they had the potential of winning state with us.”

Earning the state title means a lot. And her work off the court is paying off too. She’s one of the Catch the Stars Scholar Athletes who’ll be honored at this years virtual scholarship celebration.

WNBA legend Tamika Catchings has held the event for about a dozen years. Albeit never like this.

“It’s been a challenge but one thing you learned from being a student athlete or just learn from being an athlete in general is how to just roll with the punches,” said Catchings.

Ervin came to know Catchings as a younger kid, helping out in her youth basketball camps. Her experiences there, practice and being around an elite athlete helped get her here.

“At first I was just so nervous being next to her and talking to her but then it just grew on me,” Ervin said.

Although Ervin’s finished her basketball season, COVID-19 shut down gyms making it harder to practice. For Catchings that’s not an excuse.

“What are you doing today to make sure you’re better than yesterday?”

Ervin plans to head off to college in the fall and major in kinesiology.