Celebrate spring by exploring Indiana’s natural wonders

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Spring is here, and that means it’s a great time to get outdoors.

Cliff Chapman, executive director of the Central Indiana Land Trust, suggests visiting one of Indiana’s many nature preserves instead of heading to a state park.

“Indiana is blessed with so many great state parks and they get visited really well, but we have some wonderful nature preserves that aren’t as well known. This time of year, April and May, is really the best time to visit nature preserves,” Chapman said.

Nature preserves are really about the plants and animals, according to Chapman, and people who enjoy the outdoors will love the biodiversity that can be found in places like The Laura Hare Preserve at Blossom Hollow in Johnson County.

“The property in Johnson County has 500 species of plants. That’s more than a lot of our national parks and it’s only 300 acres versus maybe 30,000 acres,” Chapman said.

Chapman also suggests a trip to Burnett Woods Nature Preserve near Avon.

“This time of year, mid- to late April, it is just a carpet of wildflowers. Just imagine walking through the woods and, as far as you can see, it’s dotted with blues and whites and pinks, along with green. You can’t see the soil. It’s just covered with flowers.”

Visit the Indiana DNR website to find a nature preserve near you.