City of Franklin recovering after storm damages downtown area

FRANKLIN, Ind. (WISH) – The community is picking up the pieces in Franklin after Wednesday night’s storms caused damage.

The National Weather Service confirmed on Thursday that an EF1 tornado touched down in Mooresville.

Mayor Steve Barnett says the roof flew off Johnson Street Pub and landed on top of the Johnson County Government building. Crews worked through the night cleaning up the debris.

“We had a lot of police and fire help,” said Mayor Barnett. “We had not only our street department, our parks departments are helping. Our Department of Public Works (DPW) is helping out. When we have stuff like this everybody teams up, helps each other out and we get through it.”

The streets were clear Thursday morning, but caution tape remains around the area. Houses and cars nearby were toppled with trees. Neighbors said the storm hit hard and went by fast.

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“It was just kind of a huge gust of wind that pushed at the back of my house and it kind of sounded like my windows were going to blow in and the door. It definitely sounded like a train like everyone says for sure,” said Madison Hendershot.

Strong winds removed bricks from the steeple of First Presbyterian Church. City officials blocked off traffic on surrounding streets in hopes the steeple doesn’t fall over.

“The church was still standing and I didn’t see any–of course it was late at night I didn’t see anything, but later on one of my members came and they had a powerful flashlight and they flashed up on the steeple and we can see some of the damage and that’s when I called police,” said Pastor Peter Jessen.

A tree fell on the roof of a condominium next door as residents were forced to evacuate.

No injuries were reported during the storm.