Cold snap can expose need for furnace maintenance


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With record-breaking temperatures in Indianapolis on Tuesday, places like Chapman Heating and Cooling tend to be busy with emergency calls.

Cold snaps put furnaces to the test. It is no coincidence that the first cold snap of the season tends to be when people find out that their furnace needs some maintenance.

Chapman Heating and Cooling says now is the time to check your furnace if you haven’t already, before the winter season is in full swing.

“When temperatures started getting colder, I realized that the heat in my apartment wasn’t working, so it was getting a little bit chilly. But luckily it wasn’t freezing temperatures quite yet,” says homeowner Alexandra Nagy.

Chapman Heating and Cooling’s call center gets an influx of people who are quickly realizing their furnace isn’t ready for the winter weather.

“We knew it was coming, so we’ve dialed back on our maintenance and we have them ready for basically triage for demand service calls,” said Jerry Bullock, with Chapman Heating and Cooling.

One of the most common issues in the beginning of the season is dirty filters that need replaced.

“If it can’t breathe, it won’t work for you,” said Bullock.

Depending on your type of filter, that can be needed every month or once a year.

“One of the small things that I do is I change it every year. And that is something that I have done, and we really haven’t had a problem with it or anything. So it has worked out pretty well with a little effort,” said homeowner Blake Bousson.

Another common issue is a dirty sensor. That is something you need to call in a professional to replace.

“Maintenance is the key. Everybody wants to be assured that it is going to work when they need it. Get it maintained, check it for safety,” said Bullock.

It is important to make sure your furnace is inspected once a year to ensure you avoid a potentially dangerous situation.

“I could definitely feel the chill from the outside, so I have luckily a heating pad that I was using to keep warm with a lot of blankets in the interim,” said Nagy.

“When it is really cold, in the signal digits, and there is no heat at all, it obviously becomes dangerous,” said Bullock.

Chapman Heating and Cooling also says to protect your furnace from going out this winter, avoid turning it down at night. When temperatures drop low, and your furnace isn’t running, it can cause it to overwork trying to warm your house back up in the morning.

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