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Construction on College Avenue through August to interrupt traffic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A major construction project on College Avenue might create a headache for drivers.

It includes closures along several streets.

“Construction is going to be a nightmare the next couple of months it seems,” Conner Thompson, an Indianapolis resident, said.

According to IndyGo, on or after Wednesday, June 14th, there will be improvements for bus pads and crews will pour concrete at stations between 42nd and 52nd streets as part of the construction project.

Work is expected to be completed by next month.

“It’s going to be harder to get around, for sure. Closing off a large part of College is going to bulk up traffic on other roads as well, but, hopefully, they can get it done as soon as possible,” Thompson said.

It’s part of IndyGo’s Red Line Enhancements Project.

IndyGo says the goal is to protect the system’s infrastructure so that it stays running for years to come.

However, some business owners aren’t completely happy about it.

“Selfishly, it’s kind of disappointing that maybe they didn’t build these pads to a specification that actually enabled them to last more than what five or six years, but you know, things happen,” David Allee, the owner of the Jazz Kitchen, said.

IndyGo officials say traffic will be detoured around the stations using Meridian Street, which raises concerns for residents nearby.

“Around a month or so, no traffic on College, but hopefully they can get it done. I know a lot of people do use the Red Line,” Thompson, said. “Hopefully they can get it done as soon as possible.”

According to Allee, construction can make a huge impact on business.

“We’re kind of fortunate that we’re kind of destinational, but if you’re a general restaurant or any shops, record stores down the street, things like that, they do rely on that foot traffic to be able to keep their doors open,” Allee said.

“We’ve had a tough time over the last five or six years, so you know, any interruptions are huge for us,” Allee said.

IndyGo says construction on College Avenue will be completed before the end of the summer.