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Daybreak Drive-IN 10/18: Cameras for Delphi hearing… Jordan’s Speaker bid hits shaky ground… Colt loses 6 games for breaking league rules

Daybreak Drive-IN posts every morning before 5 AM. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Today’s two minute snapshot of the early news, weather, and sports includes a major decision from the judge in the Delphi murders trial, new uncertainty in Congress, and the suspension of an Indianapolis Colt. Listen and subscribe to the Daybreak Drive-IN. We post it every day before 5 a.m. on the All Indiana Podcast Network.

  • Police are still looking for one person after a car crashed shortly after a police chase, shutting down I-465 yesterday afternoon. Investigators say officers captured three of the four people in the car – but one got away. Police confirm a child suffered a slight injury when the suspect’s car hit him at some point in the incident.
  • Cameras will be in the courtroom Thursday for a hearing in the Delphi double murder case. The judge overseeing the case has agreed to allow them, saying she wants to ensure the integrity of the proceedings.
  • The Health ministry in Gaza says at least 500 people are dead after an explosion next to a hospital. Witnesses describe scenes of doctors performing surgery on the floor, often without anesthesia, in an effort to save the scores who are badly hurt. Israel and Hamas are trading blame for the blast. Hamas claims it was an Israeli airstrike; Israel contends it was a misfired rocket from Palestinian militants.
  • President Biden is in Israel for meetings with leaders there, but his trip to Jordan is off – canceled amid rising regional rage over the hospital blast. Biden’s stated goal is to prevent more countries from stepping into the conflict.
  • The House Speaker bid of Ohio’s Jim Jordan appears very shaky this morning after 20 Republican Representatives voted ‘no’ on a first-ballot vote. The list includes Indiana’s Victoria Spartz, who cited behind-the-scenes intimidation tactics by Jordan’s allies.
  • An Indianapolis Colt is out for Sunday’s game against the Browns, and the next 5 games after that, for breaking league drug rules. The NFL says Grover Stewart violated policies on performance-enhancing substances. The league is not saying exactly what the defensive tackle took.
  • Expect a few areas of fog this morning. Once it burns off, it should be partly cloudy and warmer with a high of 69°