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Decorators use ‘World of Trees’ to show what’s close to their hearts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Holiday trees representing dozens of countries and continents from around the world are filling up the Global Village Welcome Center.

On Tuesday, some of the decorators for the “World of Trees” exhibit said it’s a chance to put a spotlight on what’s close to their hearts.

“It makes you feel like you’re part of so much of the world and I don’t think you get that in too many places in Indianapolis where you can just find out so much just coming here every time,” Carita Girman, an Indianapolis resident, said.

Trees representing more than 30 countries and continents — Mexico, Colombia, China, Haiti and Slovenia, among a few — are taking center stage at the Global Village Welcome Center.

“Part of the art in Slovenia is wood carvings and so what I picked out was a lot of plates that they like to do and this one of course says Slovenia, and the carnations are the national flowers, so that’s why that’s there,” Girman said.

It is all part of the “World of Trees” exhibit that celebrates the different cultures, colors, artwork, and history that live in the International Marketplace District.

“The Global Village Welcome Center is a place where we like to welcome everybody from all over the world, so to live up to that mission, we host these exhibits where everybody can come in and see themselves,” the curator at the Global Village Welcome Center, Daniel Del Real, said. “So, each organization has free reign to create whatever represents their country or their culture.”

Zulia Sawyer from the Venezuelan Association created both the Italian and Venezuelan trees.

Sawyer says pine trees are not very common in Venezuela, so they use Spanish moss.

“They were imported later, the fake ones and the real ones, and we started using those,” Sawyer said.

Girman is grateful to share the culture of Slovenia.

“I like the idea that other people can see what is important to us and what part we’re contributing to this country and this neighborhood,” Girman said.

The “World of Trees” will go on until Jan. 31, and people have up until Jan. 14 to vote on their favorite displays.