Delivery driver safety top of mind on Super Bowl night

Delivery driver safety top of mind on Super Bowl night

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Super Bowl Sunday is a busy night for pizza delivery drivers around the country. Before many of those drivers even get in the car, their personal safety is top of mind.

Riley Owens expects upwards of 25 pizza deliveries Sunday night. The personal safety of he and his fellow Greek’s Pizzeria drivers is paramount.

“Making sure you’re careful when you’re counting money. Paying attention to what you’re doing. If anything kind of seems skeptical or shady, don’t be afraid to mention it to a manager,” said Riley Owens, a pizza delivery driver.

A few months ago, Owens says some kids called in a fake delivery, met him outside stole a pizza right out of his hands and ran away.

“I was terrified. I honestly was kind of scared. I was kind of angry at the time because it happened but looking back, I’m glad nothing happened,” Owens said.

He’s not alone. Earlier in January, a Greek’s driver from a different pizzeria was carjacked at gunpoint near 40th and Ruckle, in Indianapolis.

Zac Shewmaker was carjacked at gunpoint near 40th and Ruckle : “He turned around and pointed a gun at me and just said ‘run.”

Two weeks ago, a DoorDash driver was delivering pizza in Anderson when she was robbed at gunpoint.

“It must have been super easy,” Jessica Hedquist, who was robbed at gunpoint, previously told News 8. “They just ordered the pizza, and there’s your victim.”

Owens said his managers tell him if he ever feels like things are dangerous or unsafe, he can always call and go back to the pizzeria.

“The small convenience of not being able to get the order delivered is not as important as the person’s life,” Owens said.

Owens said there are three things you can do at home right now to make sure delivery drivers are safe when they get to your door:
1) Turn your porch lights on.
2) Have your cellphone on you so the driver can call you.
3) Before you open the door, double check that it’s your delivery driver.