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Deputy John Durm remembered as ‘positive’ and ‘encouraging’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was an emotional afternoon at Deputy John Durm’s visitation. Those that knew him said the Marion County Sheriff’s Office lost a kind and positive person from its ranks.

Captain Charles McClain said many strived to be like Deputy Durm as they served in the sheriff’s office.

“You don’t see many positive people like him that you always see consistently happy,” Charles said. “I will remember him as a person that even encouraged me in passing when I wasn’t even in an encouraged mood.”

Durm was known as someone who was dedicated to service and his community. Captain Mitch Gore said this was a family commitment for Durm.

“His father was a deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office. Both of his brothers, Jeff and Jim, were deputies with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office,” Gore said. “Of course, his significant other still serves with us and is a deputy. His son Cory is in the academy to be a deputy sheriff. He also has two boys who are overseas serving in the United States Air Force.”

This is the first death for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office since 2002.

“Three Hoosier law enforcement officers were killed in the line of duty within 12 days. A trooper, a municipal police officer, and a deputy sheriff,” Gore said. “I hope that it’s simply a coincidence, a tragic one, and that it doesn’t mark some kind of disastrous turning point within our society at large.”

McClain said Durm earned the respect of everyone around him, including many of the inmates he worked with in the jail.

“I always saw a uniqueness in him being able to handle people that were in a bad place in life,” McClain said. “I think that’s what all law enforcement officers aspire to be.”

McClain said this is an emotional time for the family and there are no words to describe what they are going through.

Deputy Durm will be honored with a funeral at 11 am on Monday morning at Gainbridge Fieldhouse. More information can be found here.