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DJ sets up musical mobile food drive, collecting for those in need

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A local DJ has transformed his set up to be a musical mobile food drive. Over the past couple of weekends, Troy Hanna has collected thousands of pounds of food for local pantries.

Hanna owns T-Bone Disc Jockey and has been a DJ for 20 years. He thought he could use this time to keep people entertained and keep people fed.

Hanna hooked a trailer to a pick-up truck, loaded it with his gear and paraded through neighborhoods playing music. 

He asked for people to put food at the end of their driveways and as he rolled by, his daughter would walk the route and pick it up. 

Hanna said several people took part. They also set up chairs and danced and cheered as he came by. 

Hanna told News 8 he tries to be interactive like he’s playing at a real event by making frequent stops and talking with people over his speakers. 

So far he’s rolled through Pittsboro and Brownsburg. In the first weekend alone, he collected 2,000 pounds of food. 

Hanna said he’s not done yet, he plans to do more of these in the coming weeks. 

If you want to be involved or want him to roll through your neighborhood, click here.