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Do you know who’s supposed to plow your street?

(Photo by Indiana Department of Transportation via Twitter)

Indianapolis (WISH) — You’ve seen the big yellow trucks salting and plowing the interstates, but have you ever wondered who handles the rest?

Indiana Department of Transportation

Responsible for any numbered state and federal roads.

  • Interstates
  • Federal highways (U.S. 63, U.S. 31, U.S. 52)
  • State highways (S.R. 37, S.R. 3, S.R. 520)

County Highway Departments

Clears county roads that are outside the limits of cities and towns.

  • C.R. W 200 E, Baseline Rd., County Line Rd.

City Street Departments

Plowing streets within city limits that are not classified as state or federal roads.

  • Main streets (Mass Ave., Michigan Rd., Indiana Ave.)
  • Side streets (Hudson St., N Blackford St., N. Capitol Ave.)

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