Downtown canal shooting victim’s family calls for justice

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — An Indianapolis mother says she’s frustrated her daughter’s killer hasn’t been brought to justice.

Jessica Doty-Whitaker was shot and killed July 5 at the downtown canal.

After three weeks of radio silence from police, Whitaker’s family says they hope the FBI steps in to help get justice for Jessica.

Frustrated and sorrowful, around 50 people called for justice at Military Park as they remembered 24-year-old Jessica-Doty Whitaker. Her mother, Arlena Doty. was in tears, wishing Jessica were still alive and there for her son, Grayson, who Doty now has to care for.

“We need you here,” Doty said. “I miss you more than anything in the world right now. Grayson needs her. It’s not fair to him that he’s only 3. He’s not going to remember her. He’s only going to remember what we tell him about her. But he’s not going to remember that touch. How’s that fair to him?”

The circumstances surrounding Whitaker’s death are unclear, with IMPD releasing very little information about the shooting. Now, friends and family are looking for anything to move Whitaker’s case forward.

“Whoever did this to her, you guys took Grayson’s mom away from him,” family member Sirenity Ramirez said. “Grayson now doesn’t have a mother. Grayson is going to grow up without his mom. So whoever did this, please come forward. We’re asking you guys with everything, please come forward.”

Police did release surveillance pictures of people who may have witnessed or people of interest in the death of Whitaker. But after no results, her family is asking for more resources to be used in Whitaker’s case.

“I think if the FBI needs to get involved, then get involved,” Doty said. “Let’s find this person. I mean, why is … I don’t want her to go in an unsolved case. I want her killer found.”

For now, not much can be done outside of bringing attention to the case. So friends, family and total strangers put signs up honoring Whitaker at the place where she died and said a prayer for Whitaker and the hope that her killer is found.

“We had some amazing support,” Doty said. “But I feel lost. I’m still waiting for her to come running through the door.”

If you have any information on Whitaker’s death, you’re asked to contact the IMPD Homicide Office at 317-327-3475 or Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.


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