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Downtown drivers make it through first workday commute of North Split closure

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Downtown drivers were delayed by detours on Monday evening’s commute during the first day of the North Split closure.

The added traffic didn’t only impact people behind the wheel, but those on foot as well.

“I didn’t really think it would be interfering with my run. I guess it just didn’t really cross my mind,” Taylor Connett said.

She was unable to continue her run because all of the crosswalks on her route at Washington Street were blocked by traffic. Washington Street is farthest point north drivers can go before having to exit Interstate 65.

The only way around it is a detour through downtown streets or getting on Interstate 70.

Racem-Rena Ireland is a postal worker who says the closure has made her job, as well as everyday life, more difficult.

“I think it’s absolutely preposterous. I’ve decided I’m moving actually, as soon as possible. Just gonna get out of that area because I don’t want to deal with that for a year,” Ireland said.

In total, the project will take about 18 months to complete. The Indiana Department of Transportation has already acknowledged the project will be a pain for some people, but said it has to be done because the interstate has reached the end of its life.

The biggest issue News 8 has noticed so far is semis trying to maneuver through downtown streets and not having enough space to get it done. That blocked off several crosswalks and intersections all over the city.

You can find all of the detours here.