Eskenazi Health confirms personal data stolen in cyberattack

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Eskenazi Health on Tuesday confirmed in a news release personal data was stolen in a cyberattack on Aug. 4.

“Through our investigation, we have learned that some data that we maintain was obtained by bad actors and released online,” the company said in the news release. “Our forensic experts are monitoring for this, we have identified files that the hackers obtained, and we have begun the painstaking process of examining those files for any personal patient or employee information. If we find such information, we will notify the affected individuals in accordance with law and offer identity protection and credit monitoring services.”

Eskenazi says there is no evidence the attack resulted in bank or credit card fraud. It does not believe any of its files were encrypted.

The Eskenazi health system is “open and operating,” according to the company.

COVID-19 treatments and vaccination efforts were unaffected.

Eskenazi has notified the FBI and is working with them on their investigation.


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