Excessive heat impacts downtown activities

A man takes a drink during an Excessive Heat Warning in downtown Indianapolis on July 19, 2019. (WISH Photo)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Central Indiana is under an excessive heat warning.

With thousands of people flocking to the downtown area for various events, keeping cool in big crowds is a concern for many.

Between the Black Expo Summer Celebrations, the Indianapolis Indians games, and dozens of other downtown events, everyone is feeling the heat in the Circle City.

“It’s very cool in there, so it’s very very nice in there, so it’s a good place to hang out,” said Cynthia Benson, who attended the Black Expo.

With temps topping out in the mid 90’s and heat indices between 105 and 110, finding ways to get around the scorching temps, is sometimes easier said than done.

“Once you get used to it, it gets easy. But on my first day out here, I was out on Mass Avenue, I made it about a block around and turned around,” said Andrew Demetro, who drives a pedicab in downtown Indy.

Whether it’s extra water, taking more breaks, finding creative ways to stay cool was a must.

“Well, I have this natural AC, I call it the wind,” said Demetro of his pedicab.

Even IMPD Northwest District is looking to cheat the temps, as seen in pictures posted to Facebook that showed a police officer kneeling over the side of a pool to dunk his head in the water.

But as the humidity and the sun continue to beat down on Indianapolis this weekend, safety will remain top of mind.

“It’s really dangerous when it’s this hot, you know people have to try to use their head when they’re out. duck into a cool spot when you can and try to stay in the shade,” said Scott Morgan, who attended the Indians game.

This weekend, IMPD and IFD plan to have extra patrols out and mobile cooling shuttles, keeping an extra eye to make sure everyone stays cool and safe.