Experts share tips on talking to your kids about the coronavirus

Experts share tips on talking to your kids about the coronavirus

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – With news of the coronavirus spreading almost as quickly as the virus itself, it’s inevitable children at school are hearing the news too.

Experts say this could leave kids with worry and questions.

A Harvard University health blog advises parents not to wait until your child comes to you. Get ahead of the conversation and any rumors they might be hearing at school, by asking what they already know.

Given some children have active imaginations, experts also say parents should strike a balance while discussing the virus.

Tell the truth without causing anxiety or stress by keeping it simple and using words they already know. Harvard University suggests relating the causes and symptoms to the flu or a cold and remind them what it was like when either they had it, or a classmate was sick.

CNN reports experts also say use the conversation as an opportunity to empower your child on what they can do.

For example, sneezing into a tissue and washing their hands while they sing their ABC’s.

Depending on their age, your child might know people have died.

Experts say to tackle this question by explaining what is being done to protect them.

As the coronavirus continues to evolve, experts also say keep yourself well informed each day.

The World Health Organization has a myth busters page to help get you started.


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