Fans react to NCAA Tournament, Baylor’s win over Gonzaga

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – From the bubble to busted brackets and now with Baylor crowned a champion, the biggest win is that the NCAA Tournament even happened this year.

On Monday night, the Baylor Bears obliterated Gonzaga’s march to an undefeated season. It was an 86-70 runaway that brought a once-downtrodden program’s first national title back home to Waco, Texas.

Fans from near and far flocked to Indianapolis for the big dance, proving basketball is in the soul of Indiana. People celebrated the championship win, ecstatic that Indiana made the madness happen. 

“March Madness was alive and well. Baylor fans came out strong and it was a good game,” said Baylor fans, Lynda Winny and Kristin Wilson.

“Good game overall. Overall in one city is pretty awesome. It brought in people from all over the place and the fact Indiana is in the middle of everything, it was a very good time,” said Gonzaga fans, Keivan Rahimi and Wesley Klepac. 

For Hoosiers like Corey Morse, Indianapolis was key to this year’s tournament success.

“Only in Indianapolis could you probably pull this off,” said Morse after the championship game. “In Indy, we made it happen and I’m not sure we could do that somewhere else.”

For the past month, fans could feel the electricity and excitement in the city. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, people said they felt safe and that nothing could stop the big dance.

“We felt safe, had a great time. Baylor came home with the ship. It’s a great weekend,” said Wilson. 

Now it’s goodbye to all the madness, but surely it is a tournament that will go down in history for Indiana.


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