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Fishers could charge nonresidents $50 to access new beach on Geist

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — The Fishers City Council is set to vote Monday night on a measure that would establish a $50 fee for nonresidents to park vehicles at the new Geist Waterfront Park.

The park, 10811 Olio Road, had a soft opening in April and will open its beach on May 27. The beach is along Geist Reservoir.

Fishers resident Nate Fulton on Friday visited the park. “I come here every once and a while, mainly just to do some running as it is a beautiful place to run. The path is really smooth.”

But, he doesn’t agree that nonresidents should have to pay $50 to park.

“I think if they add more parking or if they add more restaurants to eat as you can spend your day here, then I can see the value in it,” Fulton said.

The parking lot can hold 240 vehicles. The cove can handle 300 swimmers.

Jocelyn Vare, a Fishers councilor, told News 8, “I’m opposed to the $50 parking fee for nonresidents so I would propose a $10 dollar. To me, that makes a lot of sense and is a lot more reasonable.”

According to documents, the city spent $15 million to develop the first phase of the park. It features concession stands, kayak rentals, a beach and a play area.

The resolution to set the parking rate says the city needs revenue to pay for operating the park.

Vare worries people who can’t afford to park at the park will go elsewhere. “I’m really concerned about people finding parking in other places. There’s not a crosswalk across the street, so I think we have a safety issue that might have to be addressed.”

Vare doesn’t think out-of-town visitors should be penalized for taking advantage of what Fishers has to offer. “We are the home of Ikea, we are the home of Topgolf, and we are preparing an event center, and we’re the home of Conner Prairie,” she said.

Fishers residents can download an app to get into Geist Waterfront Park via smartphones.