Fishers HS students sign yearbooks using app

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) – Student yearbooks at Fishers High School are filling up with kind messages even while they’re away from school. This is all possible thanks to a few students who came up with a way to sign them virtually.

The group of students created their own company last year called “Schedlink” that many of their classmates were already using.

It’s an app and website that helps students keep track of schedules. The app creators simply made an extension called “Sign My Yearbook.”

Students can sign anyone in the high school’s yearbook. All they have to do is go on the website or app, search their name and type a message.

The students who created it said they only expected a few people to take part but to their surprise, hundreds of students have sent and are still sending messages to classmates.

“Social media has gotten to the point where it’s not really meaningful anymore. It’s just everyone’s kind of showing the highlights of their life-like highlights of their life, like going to the beach or something but with this it’s more pure and wholesome,” said junior and app creator, Matt Ghera.

App creator and junior classmate, Patrick Nusbaum, agreed, “ It’s most interesting and kind of heartfelt when it comes from people you don’t expect. That’s happened to me a couple of times where it’s people I never would have thought would sign mine and they’ve said something really kind.”

Senior Ben Schwartz said his class especially appreciates the app.

“I myself have received messages that were really nice and it’s like ‘oh I haven’t heard from you for three months, man, it’s really nice to hear from you.’ It’s been really good, like what the guys are doing is a really nice service for the school,” said Schwartz.

Many of the students are printing off the signed pages and adding them to their physical yearbook so they can always remember what it was like to be in high school during a pandemic.


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