Former Johnson Co. prosecutor has law license suspended for 4 years

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Bradley Cooper, the former Johnson County prosecutor, has had his law license suspended for four years by the Indiana Supreme Court.

Cooper avoided jail time with a plea agreement in 2019 after brutally beating and confining his girlfriend. He also stole her cell phone and pretended to be her in messages, then conducted media interviews where he accused her of attacking him.

The attack happened in March 2019. He agreed to plea guilty the following month and was sentenced in June 2019.

The Court ruled that Cooper narrowly avoided disbarment, calling his acts “deplorable.”

Cooper’s law license has already been under “interim” suspension for a year and a half, according to the ruling.

“While these after-the-fact measures do not mitigate the misconduct itself, which was reprehensible, they do point to Respondent’s potential for rehabilitation and narrowly persuade us that the door to Respondent’s legal career should not be permanently and irrevocably closed,” the ruling states.