Former teacher charged with having sex with student, providing gun to another for robbery

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Police arrested a former teacher at Franklin Central High accused of engaging in sexual conduct with one student and conspiring to commit armed robbery in connection with another.

Kathryn Hagan, 38, was arrested Tuesday and faces five felony charges that include: child seduction, sexual conduct with minor, conspiracy to commit armed robbery, providing a firearm to a child and dealing in a controlled substance.

Hagan, a licensed algebra teacher, was suspended and resigned from her position at Franklin Central on April 7.

According to a probable cause affidavit provided by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office, Hagan not only engaged in sexual conduct with a 17-year-old male student but also obtained a handgun and provided it to a 16-year-old student so that the student could commit armed robbery of a cell phone.

On April 7, an officer with the Franklin Township School Police was called to the front office of Franklin Central High School and advised that an administrator there had received an anonymous call from a parent regarding a possible sexual relationship between a teacher and a juvenile student at the school. A preliminary investigation identified Hagan as the teacher involved, and the student in question showed the officer several email exchanges between himself and the teacher. The school conducted an internal investigation, and Marion County DCS, as well as the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were notified.

According to documents, that same day the mother of the student allegedly involved in the inappropriate relationship contacted the school to say her son had admitted to having sex with Hagan at Hagan’s home on March 31. He also admitted to taking Xanax given to him by Hagan — again at her home — on March 28.

On April 9, a detective from the IMPD Sex Crimes Unit interviewed the student allegedly involved in the inappropriate relationship with Hagan, during which the student confirmed both that Hagan had given him a pill after he said he had a headache, afterwards telling him it was Xanax, and that he had sex with Hagan in her bedroom at her house on March 31. The student mentioned another student that Hagan had mentioned, saying he didn’t know if they had also a relationship.

According to the affidavit, an IMPD interview with the other student, a 16-year-old male student, revealed Hagan had sent messages to the student pertaining to the 17-year-old. With the permission of the 16-year-old student’s mother, the detective conducted a search of the student’s cell phone. The 16-year-old student further told police Hagan had obtained a gun and given it to him. A digital forensic examiner reviewed communication between Hagan and the 16-year-old student confirming that their discussed had included Hagan purchasing a gun to give to the student for him to provide to someone else, allegedly to commit armed robbery.

Police were able to locate the store where Hagan purchased the gun, as well as the paperwork showing her purchase of a 9 mm handgun, a lock and ammunition. In addition, a digital forensic examiner was able to locate a photo of the 16-year-old student pointing a gun identical to the one Hagan purchased.

IMPD conducted an interview with a third student, also 16 years old, who told police he had heard rumors about a student having sex with a teacher, and that he had seen a 10-second video “students were trying to use to get better grades from Ms. Hagan,” that allegedly showed Hagan and a student without clothing, engaging in sexual conduct.

A sampling of text message conversations between Hagan and two of the students is included in the affidavit. These conversations include references to buying the handgun and committing robbery. At one point the student Hagan provided with a gun asks, “Do you want them robbed” to which Hagan replies, “Yes.”

On April 21, police issued a search warrant for Hagan’s home, during which they located a bottle of Xanax and other medication, as well as a box and paperwork for the 9 mm handgun. They did not locate the gun, lock or ammunition.

Hagan has not yet been processed into the Arrestee Processing Center.

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Colder and quiet rest of the week

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A good 20° swing Wednesday morning with temperatures in the lower to mid-20s this morning with feel-like temperatures in the teens. It will be a clear start then brighter heading through the rest of the morning and the afternoon! Sunshine won’t help us out too much in terms of temperatures today. Daytime highs should warm to the upper 30s. Wednesday night will be a cold one with lows in the lower 20s with a partly cloudy sky.

Thursday will be another cold one with highs struggling to reach 30°. It’ll still be a bright one with a mostly to partly sunny sky. A slow warming trend will start Friday with highs warming to the upper 30s with a mixture of sun and clouds.

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