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Garfield Park Conservatory recruiting gnomes for Gnome Away From Home display

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Staff with Garfield Park Conservatory are now recruiting gnomes for the ninth annual Gnome Away From Home exhibit.

Each spring, the gnomes take over the Conservatory and create unique scenes for visitors to enjoy. 

The first year, there were 72 gnomes in the display. Elizabeth Schleicher, the assistant manager at the Conservatory, says it now gets around 100 gnomes to display.

Schleicher says it started with the Conservatory’s horticulturist’s love for garden gnomes.

Each year is a different theme. 

Over the years, displays have had gnomes travel around the world, act out famous works of literature and movies, go on daring adventures and experience the fun of spring break.

This year’s theme is “Game On!” Schleicher says the Conservatory will create a variety of board game-inspired scenes for the gnomes to show off this year.

Visitors will see the gnomes take on popular game night favorites.