Giving Tuesday offers lesson to central Indiana children

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that encourages people to do good.

That good stems from inside some Central Indiana classrooms. There’s a special lesson about generosity for the children at Early Learning Indiana inside the pages of a book called “The Gift Inside the Box.”

Their learning centers had the book read aloud to children Tuesday.

“It’s such a beautiful story where sort of all of us start in life in thinking ‘This is for me, this is for me.’ Then the child that it was meant for is the child that thinks about it being for someone else. We loved that spirit.” said Heather Pease, vice president of advancement at Early Learning Indiana.

In the story, a box looks for the right owner after meeting many children who just want to keep the box and what’s inside for themselves. Finally, the box chooses a child who wants to give the box as a gift to someone else.

“It’s fun to give a gift to somebody.” Claire Lah, 5, said.

To help enhance the lesson, Hagerman Construction donated more than $1,000 to Early Learning Indiana, so each kid gets $1.20 to donate to his or her own learning center in Central Indiana. That amount signifies Early Learning’s 120 years of existence.

“Giving means give things to people,” said John Ratliff, a 4-year-old whose class had the book read to them Tuesday.

The children put the money inside a donation box that looks like the box in the story, which has the kids thinking about what they’d want to give to others.

“Money,” said LeAsjah Crayton, 4.

“When I get a rocket ship in a box, my mommy, my dad and my cat and my grandma and my grandpa and my two dogs are going to freak out!” said Tristan Moorehouse, 5.

It’s a lesson in generosity that ideally, these children will remember when they grow up.

“The fact that everyone can give, every bit matters. As our campaign says, ‘All together, we can do so much.’ So, those buck-20s matter,” Pease said.

The hope is that students at the Early Learning Indiana centers and across central Indiana will create their own box with a gift inside to give to others this holiday season.