Global supply chain issues impacting winter weather items, gear

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – The global supply chain has impacted local hardware stores’ supply of winter weather gear.

Cardwell Home Center staff said going forward to colder weather could mean a low stock of salt, shovels, and ice scrapers.

“We prided ourselves on having a very good fill rate with all our orders before the pandemic, but since the pandemic started we’ve had very low fill rates and it’s been a real struggle for us,” said Garrett Reez, store manager at Cardwell Home Center. “We’ve tried to source from other places to get what we need and provide those other avenues for our customers.”

Reez said they’re getting shipments now, but does not think they’ll get the products in when customers need them in a month.

Staff suggests buying now. You are not limited on how much product you can buy. 

“Our prices have gone up some, but that’s to keep up with our suppliers raising their prices,” explained Reez.

New 8 called 10 local hardware stores. They all have experienced supply chain issues.