Halloween display sparks anger in east side neighborhood

Halloween display sparks anger in east side neighborhood

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A Halloween display that sparked anger in an east side neighborhood has been taken down.

Neighbors in the area of the 500 block of Norther Emerson Ave. sent a video to News 8 that shows IMPD officers removing a figure seen in a front yard hanging from a noose.

News 8’s Jenny Dreasler was at the house Thursday evening and spoke to protesters who gathered nearby before IMPD arrived.

“A scarecrow has straws or sticks as that one does. You do not see a noose and black gloves to where it appears that it’s a black male hanging. This is very disgusting and distasteful. This is not Halloween,” said Indy resident, Brittany Day.

Thursday night, dozens of people came out to express their disgust with what they called an egregious show of hatred.

Protestors were chanting and held signs, demanding the figure be taken down.

“This cannot be happening in 2019,” said Indy resident, Terry Triplett.

The nature of the display is what people are calling into question.

It appears to show a black person hanging from a noose.

“It lets you know that racism still exists to this day and there’s still people who have that corrupt mentality to think like that and to think that that’s okay,” said Day.

This isn’t the first time the person has put up the display. Neighbors told News 8 that the same person put the display up last year, but after complaints, took it down after a few days.

News 8 tried to knock on the homeowner’s door to get answers as to why the man keeps putting up the display despite concerns from neighbors but got no answer.

Either way, people living nearby say enough is enough.

“Just take that down. That’s not cool. You can keep your little scarecrow. That’s fine, but that’s got to go. He knew exactly what that was representing,” said Triplett.

“It should be taken down, and it should not be able to be put up,” said Day.

It was an emotionally charged event.

There was some anger directed toward protesters, but also a News 8 crew.

News 8’s Jenny Dreasler and an intern were interviewing a woman for the story when a vehicle slowed down, rolled down the window, and threw ice cream at them.

Police are working to figure out who was in the vehicle responsible.