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Hamilton County PE teacher gets creative, uses technology to get students active during pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – With e-learning happening in school districts across Indiana, it’s still important for kids to be active every day. That’s why physical education teachers are getting creative with virtual learning.

“A blessing for me, because I have missed those faces,” 

Kim Duncan is a physical education teacher at Thorpe Creek Elementary School in the Hamilton Southeastern School district. As a veteran teacher, finally back in her gym, this year is definitely different seeing her kids through a computer screen.

“Night and day. So like I said, year 27 really kind of feels like year one,” said Duncan. 

(Photo of Kim Duncan teaching PE class/WISH Photo)

So she’s thinking outside the box, using every day at home items, like stuffed animals, water bottles and paper to get kids active. She’s also embracing technology.

“I created a YouTube channel – TCEPE Ms. Duncan and we did fitness slapjack, which is playing slapjack like most of us have played, but hey, let’s add some fitness to it. We did a fitness Tetris. We did an actual virtual field day,” said Duncan. “Spent a lot of time recording videos and you know getting creative, running around my house. But, you know, I had a lot of fun and the kids, I got a great response from the kids.”

Duncan said the kids are loving it and people from other states have even been jumping in, too. Her main goal is to highlight the importance of physical activity, especially when everyone is stuck at home.

“I think one thing we have learned during this pandemic is that those things are so important for our mental well being as well as our physical well being,” said Duncan.
That’s reason enough, to keep all of us moving.