Harshman Middle School, nonprofit get students job ready during Computer Science Education Week

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – TechPoint Foundation for Youth (TPF4Y) is assisting Harshman Middle School students with coding during “Hour of Code” during Computer Science Education Week from Dec. 6-10.

It’s a national event that encourages students of every age from every school to do an hour of coding.

The nonprofit says it has recruited more than 7,000 students across Indiana to participate.

Coding is computer programming, part of science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM).

Professionals from local computer science companies also spoke with Harshman Middle school Students including:

  • DMI
  • Dyknow
  • Flexware Innovation, Inc.
  • Ice Miller LLP
  • KAR Global
  • Knowledge Services
  • Old National Bank
  • PetalSnap
  • Salesforce
  • Sharpen Technologies
  • Zylo

TPF4Y Director of Programs Jamie Inskeep said its goal is to introduce underserved students to experimental learning opportunities in STEM.

“It’s important for students to have STEM access and to learn about technology because they use technology on a daily basis. They’re using the laptops, the phones, the tablets, they’re using it so they should know how it’s working,” said Inskeep. “Also, most of the jobs that these students are preparing for don’t even exist yet or society is constantly changing and technology space is constantly changing.”

TechPoint Foundation for Youth also increases access to STEM programs to girls and youth of color.

The group supports teachers to meet science, math, and computer science standards in an innovative and engaging way.