Hendricks Regional Health launches 24-hour hotline for free coronavirus screenings

Hendricks Regional Health launches 24-hour hotline for free coronavirus screenings

DANVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Hendricks Regional Health officials said they’ve received more than 100 calls since launching a 24-hour hotline offering free coronavirus screenings.

The hospital said they’ve been working around the clock since the second case in Hendricks County was confirmed on Sunday night. Health providers are answering calls with their cellphones.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Michelle Fenoughty said callers have been parents worried about their children.

“Their biggest concerns are how sick am I? Am I sick enough that I need to be seen? If I need to be seen, is that my primary care’s office tomorrow? Is that an immediate care this evening or do I need to go to the emergency room?” said Fenoughty.

The hospital said they’re adding more healthcare providers to answer the high volume of calls.

The Indiana State Department of Health has also been busy adding more staff to their hotline.

HRH’s hotline is educating callers on the coronavirus, calming fears and telling them what to do next if symptoms occur, like fever and shortness of breath.

Health officials are asking people to call the hotline first to be screened, although the hospital’s emergency rooms haven’t been overcrowded.

“Emergency rooms still are taking care of heart attacks, strokes and motor vehicle accidents, and we need them to still have capacity to do those other very important things,” said Fenoughty.

Fenoughty said many people calling the hotline are experiencing mild symptoms and are told to wash their hands, use sanitizer and avoid social contact.

“We recommend that people frequently clean and disinfect surfaces that are frequently touched, they avoid rubbing their eyes and touching their mouth. Stay away from their face so they don’t contaminate themselves,” added Fenoughty.

Click here to learn more about the 24-hour hotline or call 317-520-5500.