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High winds cause crash landing of large object at a Greenwood Starbucks

(Photo Provided/Google Maps)

GREENWOOD, Ind. (WISH) — With temperamental weather ruling central Indiana the past few days, high winds have caused the scattering of many tree limbs, knocked over road signs, and also defeated an iconic staple for a Greenwood Starbucks.

The coffee store located on the corner of East Main Street and Emerson Avenue in Greenwood is home to a Starbucks sign of cosmic proportions that sits on a stories-high pedestal that can be seen from the interstate. The sign, to the distant eye, is often mistaken for a full moon.

But not even the gravity of the Starbucks “moon” could withstand the tormenting winds whipping through the city, and it was knocked from its tower Monday.

Employees of the Starbucks working at the time say a loud boom erupted from the parking lot and when they went to investigate, they learned the sign fell and had taken up residence in three parking spots.

Employees also say no one was hurt from the sign’s crash landing.