Hispanic Westfield High School student to work and study under famous Indy chef

WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — A Mexican-American student at Westfield High School, Josue Campista, is setting the bar high for his classmates.

“It’s just what I want to do. I could have done anything,” Campista said.

Campista is taking his passion for food to new heights.

After graduation, Campista will be studying and working under award-winning chef, Steve Oakley. He’s the owner of Oakley’s Bistro and is famous for beating Bobby Flay on the Food Network show, “Beat Bobby Flay” in 2017.

“He actually took it upon himself to teach me what he knows, and be able to work there and give me the opportunity to even work with him, so I really do appreciate that,” Campista said.

Campista, also known by his classmates as, Jovan, found inspiration from his teacher, Chef Nikki Heflin, who recommended him to Oakley.

“Jovan was looking for a change, and I just knew that under Chef Oakley’s leadership and mentorship that they would be the perfect match, because Jovan does want to learn all stations in the kitchen,” Nikki Heflin, a teacher at Westfield High School, said.

Campista says right now he’s working part-time for Oakley, but his biggest inspiration comes from his Mexican-American family. “I make stuff for my mom; for my whole family. I make dinner for them, or even breakfast.”

His goal is to one day have his own family restaurant.

“I don’t really like high dining. I want it to be, it’s going to sound weird, but, like affordable for everyone. I want families to go there and really just enjoy themselves, enjoy the food, the environment, and all that good stuff,” Campista said.

Campista says he hopes to inspire other people to never give up on their dreams